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Most weight loss is followed by a weight regain. 

In fact, 97% of weight loss attempts fail.


Sum Sanos is an exciting breakthrough in the weight management and health + wellness industry.

Sum Sanos is a 12 session scientifically based program incorporating the latest evidence-based science and rigorous research on Habit Based Interventions.


Sum Sanos methodology incorporates sound psychological principles to help clients in the following areas:


  • build their emotional competencies to meet the challenge of change
  • arm them with the tools to transform their life…. For good.

The integration of these two substantial methodologies makes up the Sum Sanos Program.

We are first to market with this transformational scientific research.

No other weight loss maintenance and wellness program achieves these outcomes.


As a Sum Sanos Coach/Registered Dietitian,
I am pleased to offer my clients this program!


The research that forms the basis of Sum Sanos has gained and continues to gain worldwide attention by the media but importantly by academics, medics, epidemiologists and other health professionals.

The researcher and Sum Sanos Academic Director, Dr Gina Cleo, has presented her research all around the world and at some of the biggest medical and health conferences in front of thousands of delegates.

Dr Cleo completed her PDH is weight loss maintenance after running a successful clinic as an Accredited Practicing Dietician. It became her life mission to find a solution for not just weight loss but weight loss maintenance.

Sum Sanos is not a fad or a diet or an exercise regimen, it’s a scientifically-based program incorporating rigorous methodologies designed to help your clients achieve long-term weight loss success, wellness and transformation.

The methodologies within the program can be applied to any area of life to achieve lifelong transformation and optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

This is a scientific breakthrough, to help promote lifelong transformation for clients.


Dr Cleo’s top 5 irrefutable reasons why Sum Sanos continues to work…

Despite the significance placed on lifestyle interventions for obesity management, most weight loss is followed by a weight regain. 

In fact, 97% of weight loss attempts fail. 

Our habits (our subconscious, automatic behaviours) dictate the majority of our daily activity.  

Conventional weight management and lifestyle interventions focus on changing an individual’s behaviour, and are not usually successful at changing an individual’s habits, as they do not incorporate the strategies required to break unhealthy habits and/or form new healthy habits.


Sum Sanos is a habit-based program designed specifically to change an individual’s habits and therefore achieve long-term outcomes.


We make over 200 food decisions per day. Most of these decisions appear to be ‘automatic’ or habitual, which means we unconsciously eat without reflection, deliberation, or any sense of awareness of what or how much food we select and consume. Therefore, due to the lack of thought required to perform a habit, habitual behaviours override intention. 


Everyday demands such as time pressures and distractions reduce the capacity to engage in reflective thought; therefore people tend to rely on their eating habits. Habit-change is essential in achieving sustained weight management outcomes.


Participants in habit-based interventions achieve significant weight loss when compared with other conventional programs or a control group.

Habit-based interventions demonstrate clinically important weight loss outcomes and the maintenance of weight loss long-term (research follow-up of up to 2 years).


Habit-change occurs when we set achievable goals, maintain consistency and stay accountable. All key components of Sum Sanos.


Accountability, which clients receive from their coach, has shown to double the weight loss outcomes compared with not having accountability/coaching.


Sum Sanos ™ Group Program for successful weight loss and wellness


Combining evidence-based practice of habit based interventions with clinically proven group-based learning.


Despite the significance placed on lifestyle interventions for obesity management, most weight loss is followed by a weight regain. In fact, 97% of weight loss attempts fail.


Since 2015, Dr Gina Cleo, Dietitian and Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, at Bond University has been researching why – and has concluded that habit intervention is the only reliable non-surgical way to lose weight and keep it off long-term.


“The research unquestionably confirms habit-based intervention as a reliable way to lose weight long-term and achieve lifelong wellness. After a rigorous amount of robust testing, researching, and achieving the highest level of evidence possible, we are finally able to offer the successful methodologies for the rest of the world in a beautiful and practical program.”

Dr. Gina Cleo Ph.D., M.Nutr.Diet (Hons), B.Hlth.Sci.


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